It has been 5 months I rebuild Light Clan and the members are getting bigger and stronger everyday. We have 2 new apprentices - Tigerheart and Billystorm as the already reach 6 moons. Yay!

1. Tornear 9 moons old
2. Mothwing 9 moons old
3. Tigerheart 6 moons old
4. Billystorm 6 moons old
5. Nightfur 3 moons old
6. Icewhisker 6 moons old

It seems that Icewhisker is ot feeling well these few days. Hope he'll get better soon. And please don't go to neighbour's house ya, haha. Nightfur's left eye just recover from infection but the condition is not the same as before. Sorry that is the best I can do. But I'm thankful you are getting more active. Hm... thinking of sending Tornear and Mothwing to vet for neuter and spay. We'll see how, have to search for a good clinic.

Charm Han Kyul

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